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Questions to Ask Before Ending a Relationship
By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru

Used with permission from Flip This Breakup

What questions should you ask yourself before ending a relationship?

Questions to Ask Before Ending a Relationship: Question 1...

1) DO I REALLY WANT TO END THIS RELATIONSHIP? Make sure you are SURE you want to end the relationship! Don't burn your bridges and then decide you want to do a u-turn and go back. There are many ways to break up with your partner; there aren't that many ways to get them back after you ripped their world apart. Most of the time, once a relationship is over, it is over. Are there any questions to ask yourself before ending the relationship with your soon-to-be ex? Yes, this is a big - and permanent step - so make sure you have resolved to the fact that the relationship is over.

Questions to Ask Before Ending a Relationship: Question 2...

2) HOW WILL MY WORLD BE DIFFERENT WITHOUT THEM IN IT? Will your life be better or worse? Will there be more peace, or will there be emptiness? Do they improve your life, or do they make your life full of anxiety and stress?

Questions to Ask Before Ending a Relationship: Question 3...

3) CAN OUR RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS BE WORKED OUT? Many relationship have problems that seem huge, but in reality are really quite manageable. It is easy to seek outside help, or to buy books that are aimed at helping you get through difficult relationship problems. Some problems, however, like abuse, are not  'fixable'. One should never stay in an abusive relationship. Life is too short to waste it living in unhappiness and fear.

Questions to Ask Before Ending a Relationship: Question 4...

4) DO YOU SECRETLY HOPE THAT ENDING THE RELATIONSHIP WILL ACTUALLY BRING THEM CLOSER TO YOU? Are you hoping that by leaving your mate you make them realize that they are behaving or treating you in a way that just isn't acceptable by you? Are you hoping that ending the relationship will 'wake your mate up' and treat you better?

Questions to Ask Before Ending a Relationship: Question 5...

5) ARE YOU GOING TO REGRET ENDING THE RELATIONSHIP? This is serious question. Can you imagine your life without this person in it? Does the thought of them moving on and getting involved with someone else make you shudder?

Questions to Ask Before Ending a Relationship: Question 6...

6) IS OUR PRIDE AND EGO GETTING IN THE WAY OF OUR HAPPINESS TOGETHER? Sometimes, pride can destroy the best of relationships. There is no place for pride in a successful relationship. It can be awfully lonely being 'right'. Often times the key to relationship success is to throw away your pride and just be the fallguy... "Yep, I'm an idiot and I was the wrong one. I'm sorry."

Questions to Ask Before Ending a Relationship: Question 7...

7) IS MY LACK OF ABILITY TO ACCEPT THEM 100% CAUSING A RELATIONSHIP RIFT? If you cannot accept your partner 100% - faults, flaws, quirks, and all - then you will not be happy with them. Getting out of this relationship will not cure you. You will not ever be happy in any relationship without first learning that the key to 'relationship happiness' is in being able to acknowledge and accept all your partners negative characteristics as well as their positive ones, because every partner you will ever have will have some 'flaw'. Nothing is perfect in nature.

Questions to Ask Before Ending a Relationship: Question 8...

8) ANSWER THE BELOW QUESTIONS HONESTLY: For instance, don't fill in the question with a romantic or angry look at your partner, but RATHER with an honest and UNBIASED answer.

  1. Do you love spending time together?
  2. Do you rarely disagree on things?
  3. Do you have a lot in common, and share many interests?
  4. Is the sex good?
  5. Are you physically attracted to their appearance?
  6. Do they treat your family and friends well?
  7. Do they have a pleasing personality?
  8. Can you talk to this person?
  9. Do you know why you want to break up?
  10. Do you both share the same dreams, aspirations, and goals?
  11. Do you fight a lot?
  12. Do they show you they care by doing those little things that often go unnoticed?
  13. Do they ever make you feel bad about yourself?
  14. Are they truthful and loyal?
  15. Are you scared of this person?

How you can stop the ending of your relationship.

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