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There is HOPE!

Getting your ex back
is not impossible

A breakup can be reversed
and you can

Stop the Ending of Your Relationship

About the Author


The Break Up Expert

About the Author

Tigress Luv (better known as The Breakup Guru) started learning about the grief experienced with losing a loved one when a man she was very much in love with died. Years later she went through another great loss when, while in another relationship, she went through a very traumatic relationship breakup herself. She wanted to understand what was behind the tragic grief she was experiencing. After rationalizing - and analyzing  - and investigating - and delving inward, she began to understand and see breakups for what they really were. She knew breakups inside and out! She then took her expertise and was signed on as a Community Leader and Breakup Advisor on the relationship breakup boards at iVillage.

Not soon after, she started her own breaking up grief site entitled 'Tigress Den', which later turned into the Lifted Hearts Network. The Lifted Hearts Network now has the largest private break up support forum on the web, with over 4000 members and 38 ebooks on relationships, relationship issues, relationship problems, relationship recovery, attraction, abuse, and self-help.

Keeping up with her research she had came to a real understanding of the pain of breakups, how to cure that pain, and how to approach an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend without causing further damage in the relationship. She actually wrote her first book on the subject in the early 90's. Having an uncanny ability to decipher human nature she soon became an expert on people and what makes them behave in certain ways both in and out of relationships. This became a new book on how to stop the ending of a broken relationship. Since then she has written on commitment phobia, abuse, attraction, and infidelity. Living through it all herself has helped her to get even more valuable lessons and insights. She was once quoted as saying, "If God didn't want me to help others heal, then He sure wasted a lot of life's lessons on me!"

he wishes the best to all of you, and thanks you for a world of love.

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